Book Signing Events

Hello everyone I will be doing another Book Signing February 28, 2015 from 12-4 for the Young People's Department at Campbell Chapel AME Church 1500 E 22nd Ave Denver, CO 80205. The Youth is putting on a event called Coffee With the Authors. I will be speaking about  the journey to writing a book & being a Published Author. So if you are in Colorado please come out to support me!!! Thanks!!!! 

I had a great time at the Book Signing today!!!! I really enjoyed it!!!!

This is Rev. Andrew L. Simpson, Jr. Of Cambell Chapel AME Church!!! He encouraged me to push my book and to never give up on it. 
This young lady wants to be a writer!!! She can become one now, and she don't have to wait till she gets grown to do it. I encourage her to start now!!! You can do it!!! I hope to read her book one day!!!

Hello everyone I had a Book Signing at Barns & Noble 960 S Colorado Blvd Denver, CO 80246 December 16, 2014 from 11-2. I had a good time signing my book and meeting the people that came out!!!

This young lady was my first customer at my Books Signing!!! She bought the book for her daughter. 

This young lady  I enjoyed talking to, and she asked me where I was from, and I told her Oklahoma and she said what! I am from Oklahoma to!!!

He is from my church and he came out to support me!!